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nick kamper quick feature

nick kamper never seizes to amaze an audience. we had an idea to throw a video of just spins together, and we did just that. this guy has progressed so fast in the last year, every time we shoot he has something new. watch this and try to keep up 🙂


exclusive sessions

the guys over at the revolution cable park, here in fort myers, are awesome. they opened up early 2 consecutive days for an exclusive film session. We had an awesome time out there, the weather was perfect, the guys threw down, and the lake was butter both days. Nick Kamper, Josh Wright, and Kevin Wipplinger all rode great and made for the best time i have had filming yet. enjoy

finally got the dolly!

got my new indislider in the mail, so had to give a try. thought my girlfriends car would be a good subject to shoot. after making this video, i would have to recommend this little piece of equipment to all filmers out there, definitely a great investment. the 7d keeps getting more and more fun


Had a lot of fun making this one. Kevin Wipplinger throwing down behind the boat at florida gulf coast university. All shot on the lake at the campus, shout-out to those guys for all their help! The first section with the 7d, and many more to come.

Special thanks to & Artsy Zarse Photography for their help with this one!

gotta love the local reggae

a local reggae band, Chaefin, rockin the house at a bar here in naples, south street, definitely a band to check out! always an awesome show when watching these guys.

The 7d has arrived

my first attempt at 60p converted to 24p as well as i my first shoot with the 7d out of the box. the weather has been too cold to film anything out on the water so i had to use other subjects…pretty happy with the outcome for my first shot at it