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new lens!

a fellow photographer, Kevin Bires, was awesome enough to give me a canon 50mm 1.8 and im pumped to add to my bag lens collection. this was a little spontaneous shoot i was able to throw together at this years relay for life. im happy with the quality of the lens and recommend it to any dslr user. check it out


early morning revolution #2

Trevor Mace, Kevin Wipplinger, and Josh Wright tearing it up at Revolution Cable Park in Fort Myers, Fl. Big ups to the riders and cable owner/operator, Nick DiMasi, for letting this shoot happen…again! Check it


danga’ danga’ danga’

doing a little side project with a buddy of mine mainly focusing on wildlife. this was a test run with the gopro, ex1, 7d, and the 5dmII. i really like the way it turned out. check out his work at

Kamper shreddin’ Gator now!

Big ups to Nick for scorin with Gator Boards. Definitely deserves it, big fan of this kid shreddin some cable. check it out

im back

been out of the states for 2 months so now im back in action with the 7d. just a little test run to catch back up. tryin some new settings and tricks with the dolly. 90% of the footage is raw, experimented a little with some color correction on the opening shots. check it out

2010 collegiate national champ folks…

Kevin Wipplingers new bag o’ tricks. With some serious style and the drive to produce a quality video, its always a good time workin with this guy. Turn it up some, this vid gets loud

its about that time to present….

A great friend of all the FiVEOH crew here in fort myers, and in the last couple months has been progressing quick. Gotta give Dustin some love, he’s been waiting for a video section for a while now.

a much needed video section

Filming Josh was a great time. Not able to keep track of what is regular and what is switch at times from kickers to air tricks, and his serious steez on the slider, putting this together was a lot of fun. You could say he was overdue for a video section

too big?

Diego, Kamper, and Mapp shreddin at ski rixen! the weather wasn’t holding up so had to cut the shoot a little short, full feature coming soon! but in the mean time watch these guys go huge…seriously

from rixen to revolution

had some visitors here in Fort Myers from the east coast, Rob Mapp, Marc Shuster, and Donald Shelbrick, all throwin down at Revolution Cable. the guys over there, yet again, pulled threw and provided us an awesome day for filming and riding. Nick Kamper was also out there showin his skills along with revolution rider/employee Josh Wright. Enjoy